Commercial Epoxy

Commercial epoxy flooring in Dubbo


At Crowfoot Constructions in Dubbo we love epoxy. It's a humble product comprised of a resin and a hardener that, when combined, becomes an extremely durable flooring system. It can withstand high levels of abuse from things like vehicles and foot traffic, making it ideal for your commercial or industrial premises.
Flooring — Commercial Epoxy in Dubbo, NSW
Epoxy is usually installed over the top of concrete but can also be used on timber and chipboard floors if you're renovating your workspace. If you've been looking for a seamless, low allergenic and bacterial inhibiting floor that also looks great, epoxy is the answer. It's denser than concrete and as a result it's stain resistant and waterproof—perfect for food handling areas, retail stores, mechanic workshops, medical clinics and factory warehouses.

Choose from a range of over a dozen colours or combine them for a unique look to suit your company's branding or to achieve a specific look.
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