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Epoxy resin tables, benchtops & more in Dubbo


Crowfoot Constructions is Dubbo's leading building company, bringing creative flair to every project while delivering on quality construction and competitive prices. If you want a piece of furniture that is completely food safe and easy to maintain, our team can create something completely individual for you.
Wood Epoxy — Epoxy in Dubbo, NSW
Epoxy is made by mixing a resin and a hardener to create an incredibly versatile material that cures into a plastic-like finish. It can be clear, a flat colour, metallic, textured, flecked or even a combination of colours.

Your choice of epoxy can be applied to a range of surfaces like benchtops, vanities and timber furniture. With a UV stable clear coating so it won't yellow it can even be applied to furniture used outside. It's waterproof, stain resistant and very easy to care for, so it can last for years to come.
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