Residential Epoxy

Epoxy flooring for garages & food prep areas in Dubbo


Sick of your garage floor being stained by oil leaks or tire marks? Have allergies and want a hygienic floor that won't harbour bacteria? Crowfoot Constructions in Dubbo has the solution in the form of epoxy flooring.
Wood Flooring — Residential Epoxy in Dubbo, NSW
Epoxy is a product that's produced when resins and hardeners are combined and undergo a chemical reaction. The resulting material is extremely hard-wearing and dense, so it's resistant to water, oils, tire marks and food stains.

It's great for indoor and outdoor areas and looks great because of its on-trend glossy and seamless appearance. For that personal touch we have over a dozen colours in different finishes ranging from metallic to flake or solid. You can even combine one or more for a completely unique look.
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